The Process

Step One

Order a title search of the property.

Step Two

Review the title exam to determine if the
property has any potential risks or clouds on the title.

Step Three

Review written instructions from the lender
regarding the terms of the loan.

Step Four

Provide a commitment to insure (insurance binder) to the lender.

Step Five

We send you a letter explaining the items we need in order to complete the settlement, which includes deeds, homeowners insurance, termite inspections, and any payoffs.

Step Six

Once we get approval from your lender, they will then send us the loan documents to be signed.

Step Seven

Our processors will contact you about a closing time and the specific amount of money needed for the settlement.

Step Eight

All funds must be submitted in the
form of a wire transfer.

Step Nine

The seller’s closing time should take
approximately 10-20. The buyer’s closing time should take approximately 40-50 minutes.